Exhibition "Gloria" [09.06.2010. 10:46]
Diāna Rutkovska, LMS Gallery
The concept of the exhibition "Gloria" collects artists, whose art is inspired by medieval art. However, the main idea of the exhibition "Gloria" concept based on the desire to let the artists show what is worth to glorify in the XXI century. To glorify is equal to glamorize. Every artist have their own theme that seems important or valuable to capture for the work. Each have our own source of inspiration that we stand and rise above everything trivial.
The exhibition "Gloria" at Artists' Union Gallery in 2010 brings together artists working in different fields of art, but predominantly, and preference is given to those who work with glass.

Invited are the ones who are inspired by the values of the medieval heritage. Called the dark times, their speak to us and inspires us still in XXI st century. Who can tell how dark or bright will look our era from a historical distance.

Middle Ages is pretty extensive period of human history, which fed the contemporary culture roots. Each artist's output is a modern interpretation. Impact sources can be of any emotional, both visually and theoretically abstract, this is a unique historical material for artists’s individual research.

Another aspect where the ideais hidden about this exhibition is Latin language. Lately many of the artists' name their work as a source of influence appeared in the Latin language. Does it have a symbolic meaning? Latin was the main language the Middle Ages, only the beginning of the Renaissance period, it gradually ceased to operate and let alone finally it seems totally unnecessary in modern society as a whole. But who knows may be Latin is back in vogue?

Participants are the artists from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania: Agnese Cērpa (LV), Diāna Dimma-Dimze (LV), Ivars Drulle (LV), Elīna Elere (LV), Ellgrii (LV), Dainis Gudovskis (LV), Bārbala Gulbe (LV), Madara Gulbis (LV), Marta Ģibiete (LV), Inga Jurāne (LV), Aija Klintsone (LV), Kati Kerstna (EST), Remigijus Kriukas (LT), Iveta Laure (LV), Kristīne Lazdāne (LV), Ieva Maurīte (LV), Kairi Orgusaar (EST), Ramona Pēkšēna-Neiberga (LV), Julija Pociūtė (LT), Anda Poikāne (LV), Mare Saare (EST), Laura Sarkane (LV), Gundega Strauta (LV), Indre Stulgaite-Kriukiene (LT), Māris Upzars (LV).

Private viewing on June 15 at 6 p.m. , at 7 p.m. Janis Jansons group performs song cycle „8 creatures“.

Gallery working hours: M, T, W, T, F 12.00 - 17.00

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