The Spanish-Icelandic artist duo has been chosen to exhibit on Iceland’s behalf at La Biennale di Venezia 2011 (0 comments)
Center for Icelandic Art
The Spanish-Icelandic artist duo Libia Castro & Ólafur Ólafsson has been chosen to exhibit on Iceland’s behalf at the 54th International Art Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia 2011. Their work is characterized by their at once attentive and critical, analytical and emotional gaze and their interest in identifying the many questions that the present raises. The trans-cultural tendency in today’s world and the complex relationships that spring from it is one of the artist’s main concerns.
The first exhibition at LCCA Office Gallery in Riga (0 comments)
The Office Gallery of Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art, operating as a public platform for all sorts of activities within contemporary art and education, is going to encourage viewing art in the context of its time and perceive it as a way of thinking. The first exhibition at the gallery will introduce the „collection" of LCCA.
Norwegian artists exhibition "East of the Sun, West of the Moon" [10.03.2010. 09:50] (0 comments)
Marina Golden, Gallery Carousell
Wikipedia: East of the Sun and West of the Moon is the Norwegian version of an old Scandinavian fairy tale. [..] The themes of marriage to the monstrous or mysterious husband, of curiosity inspired by the mother, and even the drops of spilled tallow are very similar to the Hellenistic romance of Eros and Psyche.
Exhibition-auction of Latvian artists artworks [28.05.2010. 19:51] (0 comments)
Ingūna Grīnerte, Director “Gizeks” Ltd./Latvia
On the June 4 at 16.00 the Moscow House (7 Marijas street, Riga) open its doors for painting, graphics and tiny plastic exhibition “Jūnija Vernisāža” organized by the auction house “Gizeks“. Opening hours for public will be 9.00-18.00 from the 5th-11th of June. In the exhibition are broadly represented artworks of Latvian artists.
'Transbiotic. Temporal Stability Point' exhibition taking place at 'kim?' in Riga [09.06.2010. 09:48] (0 comments)
Zane Berzina, artist
The E-Static Shadows installation developed together with architect Jackson Tan and an international team of scientists and technologists forms a part of the exhibition Transbiotic. Temporal Stability Point exhibition taking place at kim? Galleries at Spikeri in Riga, Latvia curated by Jens Hauser and RIXC (Raitis Smits and Rasa Smite).
Exhibition "Gloria" [09.06.2010. 10:46] (0 comments)
Diāna Rutkovska, LMS Gallery
The concept of the exhibition "Gloria" collects artists, whose art is inspired by medieval art. However, the main idea of the exhibition "Gloria" concept based on the desire to let the artists show what is worth to glorify in the XXI century. To glorify is equal to glamorize. Every artist have their own theme that seems important or valuable to capture for the work. Each have our own source of inspiration that we stand and rise above everything trivial.
The White Night at former factory VEF [03.09.2010. 12:10] (0 comments)
Kaspars Lielgalvis, artist
at former pride of Latvia
by the former park
thousands of workers
produced millions of telephones there
during the GREAT CRISIS OF USSR conveyer stopped
for daily talks of Soviet people.
The free Latvia at EX FACTORY
introduced the free market economy
factory blocks were privatized
sold bought
rescheduled reconstructed
unlocked locked
by fast changeable contracts
former production area
with ex-title Factory VEF
is occupied by offices banks warehouses and workshops
shops printing houses services
and studios
Exhibition from the theme of "Smoke" [26.10.2010. 11:14] (0 comments)
Toms Zvirbulis, gallery "Birkenfelds"
From the 28 October till 28 November at the Birkenfelds gallery (Riga, Rupniecibas iela 3) will be an exhibit from the theme of "Smoke".
Barbara Gaile's exhibition [15.02.2011. 11:36] (0 comments)
"Rīgas galerija"
Barbara Gaile: "Having worked with mother of pearl pigments for many years, I have come to realize how tricky the process is. In a purely visual sense, its aesthetic edge is quite narrow and sharp; just a little, just tiny nuance or even the direction of the application can turn the whole painting into something quite banal or unattractive, common, or even vulgar. The colouring of pearls is like a separate colouring beyond the confines of traditional coloring. Another galaxy beyond the one already discovered".
The Purvitis Prize Exhibition [07.03.2011. 08:06] (0 comments)
On 18 February 2011 Kristaps Gelzis was awarded the Purvitis Prize—the most significant visual arts award in Latvia. The exhibition of the works by Purvitis Prize candidates will be on view at the Arsenals (Old Town, Torņa Street 1) Exhibition Hall of the Latvian National Art Museum until 10 April 2011. The exhibition includes striking works in a variety of techniques: painting, photography, installation, and video art created in 2009 and 2010 by eight artists. The eight candidates—Ilmars Blumbergs, Kristine Kursisa, Kristaps Gelzis, Imants Lancmanis, Kaspars Podnieks, Martins Ratniks, Inta Ruka, Kriss Salmanis—were selected by panel of experts. The curator of the exhibition is Daiga Rudzate.
Kaspars Brambergs' exhibition [06.07.2011. 09:33] (0 comments)
The opening of Kaspars Brambergs' exhibition is on July 8 at 19:00 in art center Totaldobže in territory of the VEF.
Ieva Iltnere's exhibition [26.07.2011. 13:10] (0 comments)
At Riga Gallery will display Ieva Iltnere's recent works, created on 2010 and 2011.
Contemporary Art exhibition 'Point Zero' [22.09.2011. 11:27] (0 comments)
Totaldobze Art center invites you to visit our Contemporary Art exhibition 'Point Zero'.
Ilze Jaunberga’s solo exhibition 'Evviva Carnevale!' [22.09.2011. 12:02] (0 comments)
Ilze Jaunberga’s personal exhibition of paintings, “EVVIVA CARNEVALE!” will open on October 1 at the INTRO hall of the Rīga Art Space. As a good friend of fascinating people from the Compagnia de Calza “I Antichi” group, which does the most to uphold the authentic traditions of the carnival, the artist paints the carnival “from the inside”.
Ernests Klavins solo exhibiton War Between the Titans and Gnomes [24.10.2011. 13:29] (0 comments)
Ernests Kļaviņš solo exhibition War Between the Titans and Gnomes
Opening 27 October at 6 pm
Gallery Alma
Kristianas Dimitere's solo exhibition 'Secular resonance' [09.12.2011. 11:19] (0 comments)
Gallery 'Alma'
We take great pleasure in announcing Kristiana Dimitere’s solo exhibition Secular resonance at the Alma Gallery from 12 December.
Verners Lazdāns' solo exhibition Nativus [14.02.2012. 14:54] (0 comments)
Alma Gallery
Verners Lazdāns' solo exhibition Nativus at the Alma Gallery from 15 February.
Juri and Ivi Arrak exhibition [09.03.2012. 11:16] (0 comments)
Gallery Bastejs (Riga) will hold an opening of an exhibition of works by Estionian artist Jüri Arrak and his wife Ivi Arrak on March 9, 2012. The exhibit will consist of drawings by Jüri Arrak in the author’s technique and paintings by Ivi Arrak. 
Kristians Brekte's solo exhibition Absolute Evil [29.03.2012. 14:29] (0 comments)
The average person today no longer has reverence for the punishments that were accepted and respected by people in bygone centuries. The general theme of the exhibition takes into account the Ten Commandments, Dante’s Divine Comedy and the Seven Deadly Sins to reflect the sinfulness of man (from the Middle Ages right up to the present day). Without hypocrisy – directly and concretely!