The White Night at former factory VEF [03.09.2010. 12:10]
Kaspars Lielgalvis, artist
at former pride of Latvia
by the former park
thousands of workers
produced millions of telephones there
during the GREAT CRISIS OF USSR conveyer stopped
for daily talks of Soviet people.
The free Latvia at EX FACTORY
introduced the free market economy
factory blocks were privatized
sold bought
rescheduled reconstructed
unlocked locked
by fast changeable contracts
former production area
with ex-title Factory VEF
is occupied by offices banks warehouses and workshops
shops printing houses services
and studios
VEF territory
4/09 20:00-03:00
sound installations, concerts and performances at VEF territory - at the supermarket's parking, in the building where the manufacturing has stoped 3 years ago, and near the blocks which can be already regarded as slums of VEF territory

20:00 - 21:00 WOODPECKER PROJECT electroacoustic concert by Olafs Štāls and Andris Dzenītis

21:00 - 01:00 CELLS REGENERATE concert by Andris Indāns (Gas of Latvia)

21:30 - 23:00 A TRIBUTE TO VEF (audiovisual improvisation concert)  by Poetic Beat

23:00 - 03:00 LIVE PERFORMANCE by White Tide

20:00 - 03:00 SHELTER installation by SOME1

20:00 - 03:00 WHEN SOUND TURNED TO COLOUR installation by Gints Gabrāns

20:00 - 03:00 OPUS 23 installation by Voldemārs Johansons

20:00 - 03:00 MATCHES installation by Oskars Točs and Andris Maračkovskis

24:00 - 01:00 MUSICAL CATAFALQUE performance by Margita Zālīte, Jēkabs Nīmanis, Ansis Nikolovski, Maksims Šenteļevs

produced by Pareizā Ķīmija and Totaldobže
i am dying (i am alive)
exhibition at Art Center in VEF territory
4/09 - 3/10

participating artists:Diāna Adamaite, Linda Blanka, Mārtiņš Blanks, Miķelis Fišers, Valdis Jansons, Atis Jākobsons, Dāvis Kaņepe, Ilva Kļaviņa, Kate Krolle, Daiga Krūze, Anda Lāce, Kaspars Lielgalvis, Lita Liepa, Inga Meldere, Elīna Poikāne, Laura Prikule, Krists Pudzens, Santa Remere, Krišs Salmanis, Katrīna Sauškina, Some1, Modris Svilāns, Rasa Šulca, Iveta Vaivode, Ilze Vanaga, Ieva Veita, Sabīne Vekmane, Eva Vēvere.

working hours:
daily 12:00-20:00, closed on Mondays
during the White Night and on 5/09 – entrance free

7.09-3.10 – admission fee – 2.00 students – 1.00
seniors and children – entrance free

idea by Ieva Kulakova
organized by artists of Art Center and
society Totaldobže
musical show
Art Center in VEF territory

participate HOSPITĀĻU IELA
organized by artists of Art Center
Some1 and Kristaps Kalsers
22:00 - 03:00 Art Center artists' hot soup for hungry visitors
23:00 - 24:00 Orbita will visit Art Center
00:30 - 01:00 Roach Choir will visit Art Center

Art Center in VEF territory

These activities are organized and operated by the artists who rent workshops at the Art Center
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