Ernests Klavins solo exhibiton War Between the Titans and Gnomes [24.10.2011. 13:29]
Ernests Kļaviņš solo exhibition War Between the Titans and Gnomes
Opening 27 October at 6 pm
Gallery Alma
Ernests Kļaviņš. Vara ir svēta jeb svētulīgais karalis. Acrylic on paper. 90x64 cm. 2011
An ancient legend tells of a small gnome carrying a candle through the forest. The gnome comes across branches along the way. Should the gnome stumble and the candle go out, life on earth will immediately be wiped out by a wave of gamma rays from the closest magnetar. The gnome has already been walking for several millions and still not stumbled and thus the probability of tripping is very high and increasing by the second. It’s possible the gamma rays are already approaching....
Ernests Kļaviņš

This is the second exhibition by Ernests Kļaviņš at the Gallery Alma.

Through the simple / playful use of colour, drawing and animation, the intelligent provocateur has conjured up fables that make us smile and think... The titles of the works are important for decoding the connections – they serve as rejoinders.

Although the motifs of the paintings have been selected using more or less “automatic drawing”, every work may be translated as a metaphor for something. For example, the central work in the exhibition Power is holy or the hypocritical king is a paraphrase on Ingres’ work Vow of Louis XIII where the king is shown handing his crown and sceptre to the Virgin Mary and the baby Jesus. This may be interpreted as a story about how power cannot be based on naked force alone; there needs to be a feeling of legitimacy that appears in the ability of the human thinking apparatus to see connections (real or perhaps imaginary...).
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