Kristianas Dimitere's solo exhibition 'Secular resonance' [09.12.2011. 11:19]
Gallery 'Alma'
We take great pleasure in announcing Kristiana Dimitere’s solo exhibition Secular resonance at the Alma Gallery from 12 December.
"I was born to a family of actors. I fell so much in love with the theatre that at times it seemed to be the same reality as life. Growing up I noticed that the world, without any particular staging, is wonderfully seriously paradoxical...".
Kristiana Dimitere

In today’s art we can define various movements whose conceptual strategy and current stylistic can be read. However, there are artists whose works are difficult to systemise in this manner. Nevertheless, they never cease to surprise with their truth and fascinate with their untameable style. This is how we could describe Kristiana Dimitere.

The artist is known for her ability to be equally at home with painting, drawing, illustration, producing stage designs and animations. On this occasion she will be represented by nine sculptures and one object. Most of the sculptures are one-off works in plaster, painted later with tempera.

Dimitere tends to work intuitively and she likes to play with paradoxes. Examples are the bust Europa – a self-satisfied bride with bare breasts or Scheherazade, hidden behind a chador with eyebrows tightened in rebellion.

Works in public collections:
Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga / Latvija
Halmstad City Museum, Halmstad, Sweden
Swedbank contemporary art collection, Riga / Latvija
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