Verners Lazdāns' solo exhibition Nativus [14.02.2012. 14:54]
Alma Gallery
Verners Lazdāns' solo exhibition Nativus at the Alma Gallery from 15 February.
Author: Verners Lazdāns
In 2008 Verners Lazdāns graduated from the Painting department of the Latvian Academy of Art with a series of works revealing his interest in human / animal interaction and the incomprehensible in nature – in savagery that contains much undiscovered pre-programmed genuineness.

On show in the Nativus exhibition will works created in the last two years – a series of ten paintings with their accompanying plastic figures.

Painting with a succulently plastic gesture on grey monochrome fields, the artist models original forms-structures that remind us of fantasy creatures. We have here both monumental scope and laconism. The image has become a symbol for the depiction of the inner essence, the centre of the work. There are no descriptive surroundings such as landscape or interior. Everything is subjected to the representation of the inner essence.

The works may be interpreted as an idea of the alien, inscrutable part of nature as well as a metaphor on the human/animal boundary, on the subconscious and its primeval force.
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