Kristians Brekte's solo exhibition Absolute Evil [29.03.2012. 14:29]
The average person today no longer has reverence for the punishments that were accepted and respected by people in bygone centuries. The general theme of the exhibition takes into account the Ten Commandments, Dante’s Divine Comedy and the Seven Deadly Sins to reflect the sinfulness of man (from the Middle Ages right up to the present day). Without hypocrisy – directly and concretely!
Kristians Brekte. Tev nebūs nokaut. 155x100 cm
Kristians Brekte
Looking back into the past when mythological cults and religion entered people’s lives, the need arose for visualization in order to reflect those events that no one among the living had ever experienced. From the Ascension of Mary to Judgement Day, the artist’s task was to depict that which was hidden from the eye. Nowadays, so many events that we come across every day are perceived with indifference. It seems that people have to be prodded in the forehead so that they are able to step two paces backwards and see the overall picture – sin is the norm. Ours is a reckless civilisation because people’s actions are no longer a natural component of the wheel of life; we go to extremes in hurting, stealing and killing!

We will be speaking about everything encompassed by the aforementioned deadly sins namely gluttony, envy, lust, wrath, pride, sloth and greed. “What will happen to me after I die, is there an ante-chamber to hell where I shall have to answer for my sins, can I expect a reward for a life lived honourably?” It sounds like a fabulous myth.

The series of paintings scream slogans whose aim is to depict society, not as it is in news portals, television or shop windows but as one which does not wish to disguise and extol sinfulness but to show it as a tumour nourished by mankind itself.

We are used to expressing our horror about what is happening in the world, when news is heard about the latest cruise ship disaster, when someone has smashed an axe into a pensioner’s head, a paedophile scandal or about a dog that has ripped a woman to pieces. But after a while, the news is no longer current, a fresh tragedy comes along and the earlier one is forgotten. However, until now the task I have been working on and producing paintings is to portray these images symbolically by producing works that fight against indifference. We have to find out whether it’s possible that hell is right here on earth.

Gallery Alma
1 Rupniecibas Street
Riga, LV-1010

Opening Hours (WD) 12 pm – 18 pm
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