Orbita Goes West
Sergei Timofeyev
Suggested screenplay for a documentary.

Around the World - With Happiness and the Auseklītis. Linards Kulless
Alise Tīfentāle
Linards Kulless (born 1978) is a true showman - both in real life and in his multimedia work in art, clubs and theatres. If you really wanted to, it seems you could make a documentary about him, which might well be entitled "My carefree friend", since it seems he has no conception of depression, boredom or misery. For him, everything is playful, enjoyable and witty. But Linards' characteristic lightness does not mean he's only good at jokes: all the things in his work that elicit a smile do nevertheless mean a great deal more, and precisely for this reason it's worth looking at his creative biography even at this stage, while he's still young and supernatually energetic. Where does he get his energy? Perhaps from the holy forest of Pokaiñi, perhaps from living at a favourable junction of energy lines, or perhaps from some sacred springs that the public is not yet aware of.