Exhibition-auction of Latvian artists artworks [28.05.2010. 19:51]
Ingūna Grīnerte, Director “Gizeks” Ltd./Latvia
On the June 4 at 16.00 the Moscow House (7 Marijas street, Riga) open its doors for painting, graphics and tiny plastic exhibition “Jūnija Vernisāža” organized by the auction house “Gizeks“. Opening hours for public will be 9.00-18.00 from the 5th-11th of June. In the exhibition are broadly represented artworks of Latvian artists.
Agnija Ģērmane. Sarkanā Venēcija. Acril on canvas. 50x40cm. 2006. Publicity photo
Jēkabs Spriņģis. Abstrakcija. Oil on cardboard. 36x46cm. Publicity photo
On the exhibition closing day - June 12 at 12.00 in Moscow House conference hall the displayed artwork auction will take place.

Exhibition visitors and potential purchasers have the opportunity to look at a wide range of works - both well-known Latvian artists and old master works, and the new talented authors’ works. Miscellaneous manuscripts, different styles but unambiguously - beautiful and valuable works of art.

From the old authors its worth mentioning: Ansis Artums, Aleksandra Beļcova, Alfejs Bromults, Arvīds Egle, Vitālijs Kalvāns, Ludolfs Liberts, Jānis Pauļuks, Gustavs Šķilters, Jūlijs Viļumainis as well as many others.

Well-represented are our contemporaries, Latvian painting coryphaeus artworks of Kārlis and Inta Dobrāji, Jānis Kalnmalis, Nikolajs Karagodins, Laimdots Mūrnieks, Vladimirs Kozins, Džemma Skulme, Jurģis Skulme, Uldis Zemzars, Juris Ģērmanis.

Certainly interesting are works of comparatively young, active working but already having their own unique style artists. Sergejs Zinovjevs with his fantastic views of Riga and still lifes; Andrejs Severetņikovs with excellent still lifes and landscapes; one of the Latvia most visible abstractionists Nikolajs Krivošeins; Zemzaris Alvis, who knows how to turn the everyday things and bustle of the city into works of art with its own special atmosphere; Agnija Ģērmane with live and exciting scenery, as well as many others.

Russian classical painting fans undoubtedly will be delighted to look at the artworks of the famous Russian landscapers Sergey Ivanovich Jaguzinsky (1862-1946), Pyotr Ivanovich Petrovichev (1874-1947) and Boris Vaseljevich Milovidov (1902-1975).

Can not ignore the unique and exclusive small plastic works which are made by the talented Latvian sculptress Vija Ilze Dzintare. Woman as a spring or a woman like a river - beautiful, graceful, expressive.

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